Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wake Up ! ! !

Bismillah Alhamdulillah

You've chosen the best study spot and no one could fault you on it's setup. So why are you still using pencils to prop open your eyelids? ^^ don't worry... help is on the way.

This scenario tend to happen to almost all student, exclude the genius of coz... haha. The main points here is, after all preparation and everything, doa and so forth, why we still cannot focus on our studies?

Here are the steps to take action on... ^^

TAKE A NAP.What a concept.....
when you are too tired to study, take a short nap to revive yourself. The key is to maximize the naps effect and that means keeping it short. (20-40min) should do the trick.

HAVE A DRINK.A little caffeine won't harm you. A cup of coffee or tea, a glass of soda or plain water, but do bear not to over consume it

TURN DOWN THE HEAT.You needn't build an Igloo, but too warm a room will leave you dreaming of sugarplum.

SHAKE A LEG.Or anything else that peps you up. Go for a walk, high step around the room, do jumping jacks- even mild physical exertion will give you an immediate lift.

Presuming you have some choice here, find a way to study when you are normally more awake and/or more efficient.

All of the above are only part of action or among the steps that can be taken. This is the sunnatullah provided. So folk, have a try insyaAllah and keep consecutively pray.. May Allah enlighten us.


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